Jill Dunchick Consulting inspires and supports adult learning to make a significant, positive impact on an individual’s influence, productivity, and joy in their work.

In all training, coaching, and professional supervision relationships, Jill ensures her client’s actions align with their core values, giving them the power to lead from their whole being and face challenging situations with ease.

"I actually take deep breaths and make a concerted effort to be more mindful.
This is helping me in my professional and personal life. I generally feel BETTER!"
2023 Impact Cohort Leader

For a leader’s mission and vision to become a reality, the individual must have a clear path to the action steps that align with the desired outcome. Jill meets her clients where they currently are and works as fast as possible, but as slow as she must, to ensure each person grows. Jill ensures her clients quickly align with their intention and designs the plans needed to support the desired outcome.

For optimal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, Jill knows it is imperative that people live in alignment with their purpose in their work. Jill supports individuals at all levels to uncover the areas where they may be hindering themselves from leading in their power, which can negatively impact their
employees' experiences.  

Direct and honest communication is critical to ensure learning and behavior change. Jill speaks from a heart-centered place, with the ultimate goal of supporting and growing each person with whom she works. Jill never shies away from the hard topics and she uses Conscious Communication skills to get to the root of all challenges her clients experience.