Our IMPACT COHORT is a six-month training and coaching program designed to grow the technical and adaptive skills you need to be authentically present through all aspects of your leadership. Our work will support you in finding your strength as you grow and lead your team. 

Apply today for our July-December 2024 IMPACT COHORT!

"The training supports my ability to engage in difficult things
such as conversations and planning with a big team."
2023 Impact Cohort Leader

Jill brings her integrity, intense joy in supporting adult learners, and distinct ability to get at the root of any challenge a leader may face. She leads trainings with the unparalleled ability to form cohesion in groups in a way that maximizes growth for all cohort members. She supports adults with fierce positivity, candid communication, and compassion.


The above components are completely virtual, making the Impact Cohort accessible for working parents or leaders who prefer not to leave their schools for travel.


The following activities are completely optional and are designed to level up the leader's learning and development.


Jill uses strategic and intuitive techniques to ensure that group members are maximizing their connections in the cohort, leading from their strengths, and overcoming blocks to their success. All professional development sessions are fully virtual

Session 1: Building Trust

Wednesday, July 31, 2024

Session 2: Effective Communication

Wednesday, August 21, 2024

Session 3: Equitable and Inclusive Leadership

Wednesday, September 25, 2024

Session 4: Actions that Align with Core Values

Wednesday, October 23, 2024

Session 5: Leading Professional Development and Team Meetings

Wednesday, November 20, 2024

Session 6: Action Planning - Culture, Team, Operations

Wednesday, December 18, 2024


Can I participate in the Impact Cohort for the entire school year?
Our Impact Cohort is designed to be a six-month program. For leaders looking for year-long options, we recommend that you sign up for our Impact Cohort, then sign up for Transformational Coaching for the remaining six months. Contact Jill with any questions.

If I join the Impact Cohort, will I have to travel?
The Impact Cohort programming and coaching takes place virtually. The $8,000 registration fee covers all virtual activities. For an additional fee, leaders can choose to add on a site visit to their school or a school study with a small group of cohort members at a high-performing school. 

When can I join the Impact Cohort?
Our Impact Cohort runs twice per year: January through June, and July through December. Applications open approximately six months before cohort begins. We are now accepting applications for our July-December 2024 cohort.

What is the Leaders We Need Scholarship?
Jill Dunchick Consulting strives to be active in anti-racist practices. As such, the intention for the LEADERS WE NEED SCHOLARSHIP is to support women of color who want to grow themselves or their team members in the diverse cohort setting of the Impact Cohort.

Applications for the July 2024 Leaders We Need scholarship are open through July 1.