Echelon Leadership Retreats are tailored one or two-day experiences designed to support your organization’s leadership team members toward candid communication and optimal functioning

Through self-identity and position analysis, authentic dialogue, values-based decision alignment, and strategic planning, teams will leave the retreat with a clearer vision of who they are and action items to accomplish their goals. 

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"This was very valuable time to stress test our goals and really commit to the high level priorities that should come first in the face of the immense amount of things that do and could be done in running a great school."
Ignacio Prado, Founder of Futuro Academy in Las Vegas, NV


Equal to approximately 60 focused hours with Anwar and Jill:

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Equal to approximately 80 focused hours with Anwar and Jill:

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Trust is the #1 value listed across all high-functioning teams. Team members will examine the psychological, social, and emotional components of building trust within themselves and their teams by exploring their own conscious and unconscious processes for establishing trust. Members will leave with a deeper understanding of how trust is present - or not - in their current team, as well as the tools to utilize and action steps to take to build trust and cohesion in their teams. 


Effective communication - one-on-one, small group, and large group - is a crucial component of leadership. In this session, team members will discover their communication style, examine how it can be received by their team members, understand how it positively or negatively impacts their ability to lead, and practice skills to support more intentional, effective communication in any situation. 


“It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.”  This quote by Roy E. Disney sets the framework by which team members will explore their personal and organizational values, identify where these values align and conflict, and analyze whether specific actions align with their core values. Individuals will practice making decisions in realistic situations to achieve team cohesion.  


In this session, teams will collectively unpack their school's vision, creating a cohesive plan to make the vision come alive in the upcoming school year. Teams will discuss current successes and challenges, interrogate practices through the lens of culturally responsive pedagogy, and practice compassion and humility as they propose an equitable action plan to work cohesively on positively impacting their community.


Building from the equitable action planning in the previous session, leaders will learn specific skills to inspire and empower their respective teams for the upcoming school year in small and large group presentations. Leaders will stress-test their current organization systems, get feedback, and ensure efficient points of contact in monthly, weekly, and daily time organization. Leaders will examine exemplars and analyze their strengths and areas of growth to roll out strong equitable action plans for the school year.

"Our team had excellent conversations that brought us greater understanding of each other and our school."
2023 Leadership Retreat Participant

"Going into this school year, this session has gone a long way in helping us know what those right things are, and prioritizing."
2023 Leadership Retreat Participant



Echelon Leadership is a collaboration between Jill Dunchick Consulting and Bridge Equity Education. Jill brings an intense joy in supporting adult learners with the skills to get at the root of any challenge a team may face. Anwar has a wealth of experience supporting groups to examine individual and team mindsets to interrogate current practices and ensure equitable outcomes for all. 

Together, we work with school leaders and leadership teams to support cohesion and maximize group effectiveness in service of academic achievement and equity. Specifically, we focus our work together on retreats for school leadership and instructional leadership teams, as well as School Studies for teacher leaders, instructional leaders, principals, and founders.

Echelon Leadership creates adult learning experiences that are responsive to the school community’s unique needs and goals. Jill and Anwar have extensive experience as former high school leaders, leadership coaches, and instructional cohort leaders in more than 30+ states, including work for transformative educational organizations (e.g., UnboundEd, New Leaders for New Schools, SchoolKit). We have a track record of positively impacting outcomes for students and increasing joy and productivity in the work for adults.