Join Jill and Anwar for an Echelon School Study, a one-day professional development for school and teacher leaders to experience greatness at schools across the US.

With a specific area of study, educators will observe 1-2 schools in the morning to sharpen their lens in service of equitable school-based practices. After lunch, leaders will conduct a deep dive into the observation and engage in learning experiences aligned with the area of study.

All participants will leave the day with bite-sized action steps ready for implementation at their school site the very next day.

"Getting to see and experience other schools and getting to talk with other leaders continuously shifts my perspective about how to best lead my teachers and scholars to excellence. I am grateful for Jill and Anwar's guidance and pushes to think more deeply about problems and analyze how to find solutions."

2024 School Study Attendee

"The Echelon School Study helped to keep my innovative lens refreshed. Being able to walk into schools, learn from their systems and practices, and bring them back to my home school truly allows me to continue leveraging purpose over power."

2024 School Study Attendee


Each school study includes:


Check in August for Fall 2024 dates!

A school study can be a powerful part of a professional learning plan and a critical part of a school transformation/improvement effort.
It expands a leader’s sense of what's possible and informs the path forward.

Step out of your comfort zone.

We often replicate what we know, what we see peers or colleagues doing, or what feels comfortable. Visiting schools in different cities (or within your own city) that do not look or feel anything like where you went to school or where you teach can help you step outside of your comfort zone. This creates the possibility to envision something different for students, or even see oneself in a teacher or a leader you meet.

Connect and collaborate.

When we travel to new places together, be it with other educators or with community members in a different profession, we inevitably make connections. Joining in conversations on a school visit can highlight the many ways in which the work of leaders overlap. Furthermore, participating in school visits allows for organic connections with teachers or leaders at other schools that might be great to collaborate with or share ideas.

Celebrate progress.

An easy one to neglect, celebrating progress is an important reason for going on school visits! It is tempting to only aspire for something different or not acknowledge existing successes. Visiting other schools can be a great way to see similarities with practices you are already using or innovative ideas that your school is already implementing well.


Echelon Leadership is a collaboration between Jill Dunchick Consulting and Bridge Equity Education. Jill brings an intense joy in supporting adult learners with the skills to get at the root of any challenge a team may face. Anwar has a wealth of experience supporting groups to examine individual and team mindsets to interrogate current practices and ensure equitable outcomes for all. 

Together, we work with school leaders and leadership teams to support cohesion and maximize group effectiveness in service of academic achievement and equity. Specifically, we focus our work together on retreats for school leadership and instructional leadership teams, as well as School Studies for teacher leaders, instructional leaders, principals, and founders.

Echelon Leadership creates adult learning experiences that are responsive to the school community’s unique needs and goals. Jill and Anwar have extensive experience as former high school leaders, leadership coaches, and instructional cohort leaders in more than 30+ states, including work for transformative educational organizations (e.g., UnboundEd, New Leaders for New Schools, SchoolKit). We have a track record of positively impacting outcomes for students and increasing joy and productivity in the work for adults.